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Terms and conditions

Travel contracts and responsibilities
All travel contracts are regulated by law n.1084 of 27 December 1977 ratified and executed under international conventions . The responsibility for any travel cannot in any way exceed what is indicated in stated law.

All travel payments should be made at least 60 days prior to arrival. See penalty clauses.

Monticolo Vacanze accept no responsibility for any damage, illness, incident or accident that may happen to any traveler or their property.
Monticolo Vacanze accept no responsibility for delays, cancellations, irregularities or God events. This clause applies only to tour operator and does not cover or represent the responsibilities of third parties.

In case of extraordinary events (war, God events etc) Monticolo Vacanze reserve the right to offer alternative travel arrangements but cannot be held responsable.

Monticolo Vacanze accept no responsibility for any problems, including refusal of entry to a country, caused by a lack of correct documents including Visa’s, passports and any other required documents. In the case of travel restrictions caused by incorrect documentation, no refund will be given.

For any eventual disagreement or dispute, Italian law will prevail and the court of Brescia is nominated as forum for resolution.

All prices are quoted in Euro. All payments must be made in the same currency. Monticolo Vacanze accept no responsibility for exchange rate variations.
In the case of a justified supplement being applied by transport companies after travel confirmation (Fuel surcharge), the customer agrees to pay the stated amount before departure to travel destination.

Modifications after arrival.
Should Monticolo Vacanze not be able, for any reason, to supply any part of the holiday arrangement an alternative may be offered of similar value with no supplement to be applied.

Penalty Clause for Cancellation
If the traveller Cancels a confirmed Holiday the following penalty clauses will apply:
– Penalty of 10% of the entire amount from 60 days before arrival, or at time of payment (non refundable)
– Penalty of 30% of the entire amount from 30 days before arrival.
– Penalty of 50% of the entire amount from 10 days before arrival.
– Penalty of 100% of the entire amount if cancellation is made less than 3 days before arrival or No Show.

Note: In the case of cancellation a Traveller may substitute his or her booking with another person who will accept the booking as made. Such substitution may take place up to 7 days before departure to destination. In this case the traveler will agree to a supplement of 35 Euro for the processing of details.


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Il Monticolo Vacanze srl only collects personally identifiable information (“PII”) about you that you specifically and voluntarily provide. PII includes information that can identify you as a specific individual, such as your name, or email address. Although you are required to submit this information in order to process a booking request, this information is required for the sole purpose of providing you with the product or service you have requested.

To this effect, the information entered is

1) Not Stored for future use on any central database except for e.mail information used in Newsletter. This mail address is given voluntarily with the full knowledge of this statement and is only collected through the opt in newsletter field for use in sending offers and information about Monticolo Vacanze.
2) Not passed onto any other individual or company.

Information is collected through

– Contact us form
– Request availability form

Il Monticolo Vacanze does not use cookies or client identification systems and complies with all privacy requirements required under Italian law D.Lgs 196/03.